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Airbnb and Mobile Home Communities

Airbnb is a great way for homeowners to make a profit. If they can spare the space in their premises, it can be a good passive income source. But how does it affect a mobile home park owner? One of the best things about owning a mobile home park is that you have permanent, or very long term, tenants. Thus, the park generates a constant stream of revenue.

So why should you care about Airbnb at all?

Your Tenants

While it’s not an established trend yet, people can put up their mobile homes on Airbnb if they are not using them or if they have extra room. It might not be as profitable as a site-built home, but your tenants might be looking into it.

In most cases, it wouldn't affect you, especially if any of your tenants are renting out their mobile homes on Airbnb while living in them. You might want to talk to your tenants or pass around notices that if any Airbnb tenant does something illegal or harm the park in any way, the park tenant will be responsible.

If someone in your park is renting a lot, just to put their mobile home up on Airbnb, then you need to be a bit more careful.

Park Owned Homes

The best way to use Airbnb to your advantage is to list any vacant mobile homes you have on Airbnb. You, as a park owner, can be the host. In some cases, it might even earn you more in a month than lot rent would, but that would depend on a few factors.

If your mobile home is located at a desirable location, or in or near a popular vacation destination, you can put your vacant mobile homes up for rentals on Airbnb. If the mobile homes are in adequate condition, and still manage to fetch a few visitors a month at a reasonable rate, you can try something extra.

By revamping your mobile homes in cool and unique designs, you can attract a lot more guests. This happens in a lot of European countries, but usually in lone mobile homes, transformed for a unique “hoteling” experience. You can try that in your mobile home park as well.

Another good way is to separate an area of the park, just a few lots with park owned mobile homes on it, and revamp it. Plant trees, make a small play area, or even a temporary pool. You can use Airbnb, or even advertise them on your own, as vacation spots.


Mobile home communities transforming into Airbnb listings are not a very hot trend yet, but a lot of people might be interested in them as a relatively less pricey option. If you handle it the right way, it can be a more profitable way to utilize park owned mobile homes than renting them out permanently to one tenant.

Let me know your thoughts on offering Airbnb listings in your MHC in the comments below.

-Virgil Nethercott

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