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Searching for a Mobile Home Community with Virgil Nethercott

Updated: Jan 18

Written by Virgil Nethercott, CCIM

Once upon a time, investing in real estate was easy and profitable. It was considered one of the safest investments, but that changed with the market crash.

Still, many investors sought undervalued properties and made a fortune by buying at the right time. But you can’t buy low in the current expensive real estate market.

So what should an investor like you do? I would suggest looking into the most untapped real estate market: Mobile Home Communities.

Are Mobile Home Communities a Good Investment?

This is the first question you may ask, and it is perfectly understandable.

Notably, mobile home communities have never been the most desirable of housing solutions. If it is something people don’t want to buy, is it worth investing in?

However, times are changing. People are becoming more enlightened about Mobile Home Communities and are looking past the stigmas and confusion associated with them.

Many potential home buyers and renters are now considering mobile homes as an option--and a very affordable option at that, given the current housing market.

Just as the demands of mobile homes are increasing, so is the investors’ interest in them. Many large real estate institutions are starting to invest in mobile home communities, but the trend is still developing.

There are still plenty of mobile home communities that are yet to be explored by investors, especially since most mobile home communities do not end up on current listings.

So, are mobile home communities an excellent investment? The answer to that question is a definitive “yes!”

Why us?

Here is where we come in. My firm and I specialize in off-market listing and finding the perfect mobile home community for you.

We pride ourselves on our market knowledge and our ability to find mobile home communities and land for mobile home parks that fly way under the radar. Our goal is to find the real hidden gems of mobile home communities.

But we are equipped to do much more than that. As an investor myself, I understand more about investing in mobile home communities than what is needed to broker the right deals. I oversee the management of 30 residential rentals, in addition to several commercial leases.

I understand the process of acquiring and managing mobile home communities. Therefore, I can help investors interested in mobile home communities more than merely finding the right property for them.

Our firm’s inclusion in the community helps us understand the nature and intricacies of mobile home communities.

Mobile home communities range in price based on investment performance. So don’t worry about your options. We can help you with your investment goals.

As a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) and years of experience in the industry, I have acquired significant experience and contacts in the market. My firm and I understand the importance of discretion in the sale and marketing of mobile home communities. We want what’s best for the residents of mobile home communities as well.

We believe that we are more than just in the business of real estate. We are in the business of people’s homes.


When you look up Virgil Brooks Investment Real Estate, you can be sure that we are the most knowledgeable firm in the Northwestern US regarding the mobile home community market. We deal with the affordable and unexplored avenue of real estate investment, and we do so with class, experience, integrity, and extensive knowledge of the area.

If you’re ready to explore your mobile home community investment options, contact me at office@virgilbrooks.com or give my office a call at (208) 932-2821.

-Virgil Nethercott, CCIM

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