Why is the valuation of your asset important?


Whether you're a small investor with one property or a conglomerate with a considerable portfolio, it is best to stay up to date with niche asset valuations and changes in the marketplace.


Virgil Brooks Investment Real Estate is managed by Virgil Nethercott, a CCIM certified commercial broker. Virgil specializes in investment real estate, specifically Mobile Home Communities (MHCs.) CCIM is a certification held by less than 10% of the world's top investment brokers. Hiring a CCIM ensures that the broker is keenly knowledgable on investment strategy, investment dispositions, tax implications, and many other features of an intricate sale.


When you hire a niche firm such as ours, what can you expect?


You can rest assured you are working with a second to none regarding transaction volume firms in the Northwest. The second most important quality of a firm is the sheer amount of market knowledge they have in the region. No other brokerage collects and retains the amount of market data that we do from comparable sales and comparable rents. For the most part, Mobile Home Communities transact off-market, and their sales data is never shared.  When you transact with our firm, you are entitled to all of that information, which will return you a higher sale price.

Request a valuation today.

We know it can be difficult and even intimidating at times to find professional and adequate services to determine your asset's true value. At Virgil Brooks Investment Real Estate, we aim to help you receive the highest sale price for your property, and that all starts with our valuation process. This valuation service is free because we would rather see Mobile Home Community owners receive what their community is worth, regardless if you hire us as your brokerage service to transact the sale.